Reza Omidsalari

Reza Omidsalari

   Unit2, NO203, Dr.Beheshti ST, Tehran

I am an advisor on online businesses. I believe that traditional businesses should start converting their sales systems into new online systems through the available online platforms, or their brands would soon be forgotten in the busy course of technological advancement.

I am the manager of an e-commerce service providing company. I have 6 years of experience in this field and I cooperate with more than 1000 internet stores in Iran. My eagerness in learning and making progress in e-commerce and online retail selling (or e-tailing) has turned me into a self-motivated e-commerce expert.
As an advisor, I help companies to create and develop their own e-commerce strategy plans.
My skills include:
- Idea processing in electronic commerce,
- Creating electronic commerce strategy plans,
- Implementing online retail selling
- Providing advice on selling through social networks.

My Company Services:
Thrid Party Logistics (3PL):
- Pick Up
- Inventory
- Order Fulfillment
- Packing & Packaging
- Shipping & Delivery
- Distribution In Iran
- Reverse logistics
First E-Commerce Service Provider Platform in Iran:
- Cash On Delivery (COD)
- Online Payment Merchant (OPM)
As a professional and comprehensive online news agency, ECOMIT covers world e-commerce events.
News, events, rules, guidelines, concepts and conferences of the field of e-commerce.
Forooshgahan offers a flexible, scalable eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to grow and succeed online.

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