ISEFC is a state owned organization for ICT Startups and Technopreneurial ecosystem. Our mission is to help cultivate a community of innovative ICT entrepreneurs in IRAN. Through an extensive network of provincial offices and partnerships with public and private organizations, we promote collaborations and share of information and resources that motivate the entrepreneurial spirit through networking, empowerment, facilitation and educational programs. ISEFC was created in 2014 to counsel, assist and protect the interests of players of this ecosystem and improving the regulations and government processes.


Growth and success of Iranian startups is our main goal, so we observe ICT startups ecosystem and care about their achievements. As a new trend in Iran›s economy, lots of processes would have to change and previous methods should be optimized, so we provide the solutions and pursue theme till achieve the result especially on the Government side.


We believe that information technology has played an essential role in modern economies and we are trying to expand and increase IT capabilities in less developed sections all around the country. Resources needed for this objective are mostly provided by private sector according to their own business agendas and we just encourage them and enhance it through the way. Insight We provide data and analysis about startups ecosystem in Iran. Our reports are used by the government to make effective and wise decisions and have a better vision at what have to be done in this area.


As Information Technology is used in variety of manufacturing and service based businesses, it is necessary to provide proper resources at the right time, Identify obstacles and solve them to help them growth easier and faster. To perform this one of our activities is negotiating with the government for modifying current laws and also new legislations to facilitate the process of launching new ventures.


Workshops, online training courses, articles, guides and tutorials are what we do to provide educational resources for ICT entrepreneurs and knowledge workers. We employ experienced instructors for our workshops to transfer knowledge and practical experience. New articles are released every day and we generate special content for social media as well.

Countrywide presence

Our provincial offices are in concordance with local technology parks and universities all around the country to assist the students and other interested people to find solutions and services that will best meet their needs. Exploiting opportunities in underdeveloped regions is critical for national development and our provincial offices help to fill the resource gap.

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