Iran Ranked 65 in the Global Innovation Index 2018

Iran Ranked 65 in the Global Innovation Index 2018

Iran is ranked 65 among 126 counties in the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2018, moving 11 spots from its 2017’s place. 

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is an annual ranking which looks at the capacity and the success in innovation in different countries. The report is the result of a collaboration between Cornell University, INSEAD, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

The GII 2018 is the 11th edition of this report with the theme of ‘Energizing the World with Innovation’. The latest issue of this report analyses the energy innovation landscape of the next decade and identifies possible breakthroughs in fields such as energy production, storage, distribution, and consumption. 

In the 2018 rankings, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and Singapore are the top five countries, with Switzerland having a score of 68.40 out of 100. Iran in the 65th spot has a score of 33.44, right after Brazil in the 64th spot and before Tunisia in the 66th spot. In GII’s 2017 report, Iran ranked 75 among 127 countries. 

Iran is also the second top country in the region of Central and Southern Asia in terms of innovation score by GII. In the Central and Southeastern Asia, India, Iran and Kazakhstan are the top countries with a score of 35.18, 33.44 and 31.42 respectively. 

According to this report, India is the only economy in the region in the top half of GII’s ranking, while Iran is also moving closer to set its place in the top half by showing remarkable improvements since 2014 when it ranked 120th. 

In terms of knowledge & technology outputs, Iran has a score of 30.8 with the ranking of 41